Enterprise Inspiration is a Community Interest Company that trains and advises prisoners and ex offenders in how to be self employed and run a business successfully.  Enterprise Inspiration develops hope, self esteem and discipline.

Individuals learn new skills and, through self employment, are empowered to overcome barriers that some employer attitudes put in the way.  Enterprise Inspiration aims to broaden horizons beyond the walls of having a criminal record.  It does this by helping individuals to turn round their lives.  The practical optimism that they gain leads to planning to make their own business a reality.

Those we work with have gone on to success in fashion, high tech services, personal fitness coaching and construction businesses, to name a few.


Enterprise Inspiration trains and advises individuals in the real skills and knowledge needed to start and run businesses with the confidence and financial success to lead to independence and contribution to society.


We are passionate for what we do to become more embedded in the justice system in order to guide individuals towards successful self employment, enterprise and running businesses.


Individuals matter.

We believe in:

Building people up through listening and respect – that the people we work with are the starting point for what they can achieve in their terms.

Shaping Opportunities – chances for people to unlock their potential in a safe, honest environment.

Enterprise – encouraging individuals to unlock their own abilities for being enterprising and creative.

Barrier busting – helping individuals overcome obstacles to change and to their success.

Quality matters – giving the best quality advice, training, support and services through real knowledge of what it takes to run a business.

Collaboration – collaborating creatively to treat individuals holistically and honestly.

A bigger picture!

Smart economics – re – offending is very expensive in human and financial terms. We believe this must be addressed and that self employment is one possible way.


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